I'm Jenn. This is my personal blog.

it really sucks that i might not be able to afford to send sydney to camp and i’m sad and also bitter af

i used to bite my nails constantly and for some reason i stopped altogether and now my nails grow so fast and it’s not a good thing because for my job, i’m not supposed to have my nails longer than my fingertips, so i’m constantly having to file them down. annoying tbh

i always forget this blog exists and i don’t know why because i have a lot to complain about and nowhere else really to put it lol

today’s going to be really awkward………………..

i’m down to one charger for my phone and it’s on its last leg apparently because whenever i plug in my phone, it either says accessory not supported or i have to hold it at the weirdest angles for it to work. right now i’m typing this sideways so it doesn’t disturb the wire

#I have no idea what happened to my other power cords


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#more roommate talk i'm sorry this is all i talk about here!!!! #but this is the only place i can get this out

I spent forty minutes walking home and have been up since six this morning and told my roommate that I was going to take a nap and he messaged me back with “Lazyness!”


#why do i even talk to people #he always makes these dumb comments like #'you can carry MORE than that' #'you can do better' #like i don't know if he's trying to be funny or inspirational but it's really annoying and he's kind of a jerk

i’m probably going to have one roommate less soon

#not just about what happened last night #but she was specifically told to ask me before asking my daughter to babysit #and i found out that she left monday night too without asking #like this is incredibly disrespectful and inconsiderate #she already has only one other person to help watch her kid and she's abusing our trust #so i guess she's just going to be relying on that one person from now on #but that person told her to fuck off before when she was overusing them so that's not going to last long #and then she said she might have to send her kid back to the abusive house she ran away from if she didn't have a babysitter #like no if the kid leaves again then she is gone because basically that kid is the only thing that is keeping her in my house #i am just so fucking done with her