I'm Jenn. This is my personal blog.

i’m down to one charger for my phone and it’s on its last leg apparently because whenever i plug in my phone, it either says accessory not supported or i have to hold it at the weirdest angles for it to work. right now i’m typing this sideways so it doesn’t disturb the wire

#I have no idea what happened to my other power cords

I spent forty minutes walking home and have been up since six this morning and told my roommate that I was going to take a nap and he messaged me back with “Lazyness!”


#why do i even talk to people #he always makes these dumb comments like #'you can carry MORE than that' #'you can do better' #like i don't know if he's trying to be funny or inspirational but it's really annoying and he's kind of a jerk

why do i let people take advantage of me


there was no wifi at work and it was horrible and i’m so glad to be homeee

Have a break for a few hours so I’m taking the kids out for brunch ☺️

i am so happy with my job now. there is WAY less paper work to do, i only work two days a week except have more hours than when i worked four days, and better pay. so yeah, happy. :)

#although i might get a second job just because i have five days off with NOTHING TO DO

just kidding i found a usb adaptor

#i'm going to fall asleep on the floor

i need to charge my laptop so i can charge my phone but there are only two prong plugs here and my laptop is three

#cries for a million years #my phone is almost dead wahh

just kidding i am on painting duty and clearly not dressed for it whoops

ok i gotta go help my sister move apartments wish me luck

#i am so tired still i feel like i'm going to fall on my face