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I haven’t been feeling well emotionally lately so right after I got up this morning and got ready, I went for a walk. I didn’t have any specific place to go really, but I just wanted to walk. I ended up at hobby lobby three miles away and bought these fake flowers, because I have empty bottles and jars that I want to do something with. Then I walked another mile to my mom’s house. My feet hurt so bad, but I feel so much better. Like I’ve actually accomplished something.

yo do me a favor, if i ever get the urge to do something nice for someone because i want to make them feel better and see them happy

tell me to not

#it never ends well

what is the point of having babies if they don’t stay babies hmm

#having a 'my daughter is so grown up WHYYYY' moment right now #she's going to be FOURTEEN NEXT MONTH HOLY POOP

today’s a blah day and nothing is helping

#me∴ #trying to stay in the habit of taking pictures of myself even when i feel like shit

I’ve just realized that I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot these past months because I need to keep my hands busy. It’s pretty hard finding something healthy to replace smoking. I don’t usually get ~cravings except when I’m super depressed but these past months have been constantly bad for me. idk I’m just glad I have these crafts to fall back on to keep me occupied. :/

#smoking cw #dperession cw

today was a big waste and i have a huge headache but at least i have cheesecake so


i miss having my own car :(

#i've been waiting on my ride to the store for two hours now :((

psst subterfuge → feliciasday

or until i figure out a better url, lol. i haven’t really been blogging as much here anyway.

#smething which i'm trying to change #because my other blog scares me i don't even want it anymore #i just want to talk without thinking of all the people following me ughhh

There’s a Facebook “in memory of” page for my kids’ dad and every time I post pics of my kids on fb, his mom reposts them to that page with comments like, “look how big your kids are now” and “they look just like you” and

yeah I just want to sit in a corner and cry for the rest of the day

#get these emotions out of me

ten days til christmas and i’m not finished with, and in some cases haven’t started, making everyone’s gifts haha ha